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Tompokan darah kelihatan pada salji dan batu tempat Michael Schumacher kemalangan


The FOUR rocks that left Michael Schumacher fighting for his life... as picture shows blood in the snow where he smashed his head

Catastrophic collision: This diagram shows the final moments of Michael Schumacher's horror crash based on reports from eyewitnesses. Spots of blood can also be seen in the snow where the F1 star reportedly landed

Michael Schumacher lost control of his skis after hitting a boulder and was sent flying into three other rocks, it was claimed today.
The Formula One legend was 'catapulted' headfirst with such force that it broke his helmet in two.
In a new picture released today, bloodstains can be seen in the snow at the spot where the former F1 ace smashed his head.
It also apparently shows the rocks which the seven-time champion struck in the French resort of Meribel on Sunday, leaving him with devastating brain injuries.

Path to disaster: This graphic shows the route which Schumacher took at Saulire mountain in Meribel and the off-piste area where he reportedly crashed while stopping to help a fallen friend

Scene: This is the off-piste spot where Formula One legend Michael Schumacher is believed to have fallen

Rescue scene: A picture released yesterday shows a helicopter waiting to fly Schumacher to hospital

Time of the essence: This is the moment a rescue helicopter collects Michael Schumacher minutes after he hit his head on a rock while skiing off-piste in the French resort of Meribel on Sunday

Passionate skier: The chalet (centre) reportedly owned by Schumacher in a private hamlet in Meribel

Schumacher carving a turn while skiing at the Italian resort of Madonna di Campiglio, Italy, in 2000


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