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Ini Baru Betul-betul Dikatakan Giler Barbie

Lhouraii, who also cites 'unicorns', 'fairies' and Disney princesses as inspiration for her image, spends four hours daily perfecting her look

Meet the 'living doll' who spends up to four hours every day perfecting her look.
Lhouraii Li says her extraordinary appearance is inspired by a combination of Japanese fashion and pink princess Barbie style.

The 21-year-old nail technician from Bradford, West Yorkshire, uses special contact lenses and false eyelashes to made her eyes look huge and doll-like and has learned how to contour her face with clever make-up.
Lhouraii menggunakan kanta lekap khas dan bulu mata palsu untuk membuat mata dia lebih seperti boneka

She explains: 'I put circle lenses in so it makes your eyes appear larger - then I put eyeliner on and I extend it out way past my actual eye line and I stick together about fourteen pairs of eyelashes.

'I've even shaved my eyebrows and draw them on higher, so it doesn't look too weird when my eyes are big.
She is so attached to her look that she admits she never leaves her home without a full-face of make-up - even when she's just popping to the local shops.

'It's not a chore to do,' she says. 'People get up and watch television, I get up and do my makeup and I find it just as entertaining.'

Lhouraii kata penampilan yang luar biasa beliau adalah gabungan fesyen dan puteri merah jambu Jepun Barbie
But the blonde-haired beauty, who cites 'unicorns', 'fairies' and Disney princesses as inspiration for her image, hasn't always been a pink-obsessed princess.

She said: 'I was a goth at one point. And then that got a lot of stares and more hate than this.

'I remember I actually tried to fit in at one point and I'd walk down the street and people would still stare at me and point at what I was wearing, so I was like screw it, I was going to dress even crazier.'

The nail technician has grown her hair over the years to a length to rival that of a Disney princess

Now Lhouraii says the attention from the locals in her hometown don't bother her as much.
'Obviously some people say bad things but I kind of switch off from it a lot - I'll look around and everyone will just be staring at me.

Lhouraii's boyfriend of four years, Nathen Kent, 24, says he loves her unusual look

'People sing I'm a Barbie girl and I'll finish it.'

Kini, dia juga mula memuat naik solekan tutorial di YouTube dan telah menarik lebih daripada 6,000 pengikut dan purata 20,000 pandangan setiap video.

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