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Prince George Semakin Comel


When Prince George is christened at St. James's Palace on Wednesday, he will wear a replica of a gown with great history. The original white, Spitalfields silk-satin gown with cap sleeves and Honiton cotton lace overlay, was subsequently worn by 60 royal babies, including every monarch since Edward VII. 

Queen Victoria commissioned the original gown after her marriage to her cousin Prince Albert in 1840. She was so enamored by her ivory silk wedding gown, trimmed with bobbin lace that she commissioned a lace maker from the same part of Devon to create some lace for the christening garment. 

The last royal baby to wear the original robe was Lady Louise Windsor, the daughter of the Earl and Countess of Wessex, who was born in 2003. Prince George, however, will not wear the original gown, which is now extremely fragile. Instead, he will wear a replica made by the Queen's couturier, Angela Kelly.
Queen Victoria with baby Edward VIII, and future kings George V and Edward.

Princess Elizabeth (now Queen Elizabeth II) wearing the royal christening gown.

Prince Charles wearing the royal christening gown

Prince William wearing the royal christening gown

Prince Harry wearing the royal christening gown.

The first sight of Prince George on his special day with his proud parents William and Kate


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  2. admired sgt dgn keluarga diraja britain

  3. saya admired dgn keluarga diraja Britain...georgie super cute


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