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Rumah Osama bin Laden Dibuka Untuk di Sewa RM750.00 sebulan


Osama bin Laden's '2004 house in Pakistan' back on the market A smart house in a bustling town just over 20 miles north of Islamabad was lived in by Osama bin Laden and his family in 2004, according to new research - and it can be yours for £150 a month. No-one took much notice of the two brothers who moved their families into the smart house at the end of the track.

 Their pickup and minivan came and went, but nothing was glimpsed of the wives and children living behind the 10-foot wall. But eight years later a shocking question is emerging: Could Osama bin Laden have lived in the four-bedroom house in Haripur, a bustling town just over 20 miles north of the capital Islamabad.


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