Bekas Minum Dari Kondom??

Teknologi giler dari Korea...
apekebende la diorang ni...

malas akak nak translate.. jdi akak copy bulat2 la...
korang baca sendiri la yer apa yg akak maksudkan..

Conceived by Korean designer Eun Ah Kim, the Oasis bottle actually is of a circular form with a rubber like cross-section (much like a condom). This gives it a very lightweight bearing, whose structural integrity is still maintained by the durability of latex component. But more importantly, the minimal form makes Oasis completely portable and water tight at the same time..

When it comes to realm of household items, odd and eccentric conceptions are surprisingly galore. However, the combination of improved functionality and intrinsic oddity in a single design is certainly very rare. And, this is exactly what the Oasis brings to the table, with its inherent flexibility. This convenient ‘elasticity’ is derived from components like latex and polyurethane, which are essentially used for manufacturing condoms.

Kreatif memanglah kreatif.....eerrrr...korang ader??


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