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I took photos of Duchess sunbathing, admits woman called 'sewer' who says she snapped royals sunbathing in full view of the road

A photographer who filmed the Duchess of Cambridge sunbathing at the French chateau was last night revealed as a woman whose name is pronounced ‘sewer’.
Valerie Suau took pictures of Kate in her swimsuit, but not, she says, topless.
She described her pictures, published in France’s La Provence regional newspaper, as ‘all decent’.

Valerie Suau says she was given free rein to take photos of the couple enjoying themselves in full view of the road

X marks the spot: The long lens pictures taken of the topless Duchess were shot from the side of the road between trees around half a mile away from the chateau
‘Valerie is concerned by the fuss and is keeping a low profile,’ said a colleague. Yesterday Ms Suau appeared to have reduced her internet presence, removing her profile picture from Facebook, for instance.
Ms Suau had expected the chateau to be heavily guarded. ‘She says she was given free rein to do what she liked – taking pictures of the couple enjoying themselves in full view of the road.’

Secluded: The pictures were allegedly taken last week, while the couple were on holiday at Chateau d'Autet, set amid 640 acres of woodland in the picturesque Luberon region

rench retreat: The explicit photographs were taken last week as the Duke and Duchess holidayed at a secluded Provence chateau, pictured, owned by the Queen's nephew, Viscount Linley


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