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La Pascualita – The Corpse Bride of Mexico

La Pascualita or Little Pascuala is a bridal mannequin that has “lived” in a store window in Chihuahua, Mexico for the past 75 years. That is quite a long time for a bridal gown shop to retain a mannequin, but then the dummy has a rather strange history behind it. According to an urban legend, La Pascualita isn’t a dummy at all, but the perfectly preserved corpse of the previous owner’s daughter.

For years, the story of La Pascualita has been drawing loads of visitors, including media personalities, from all over Mexico to Chihuahua. Now, people from South America, the US and Europe have also started paying visits to the corpse bride. People smudge their noses up against the shop window, staring at the dummy, trying to figure out if she is real or not. They are taken in by her mesmerizing gaze and realistic-looking features. Most people walk away convinced that she has to be real.

                                                     Photo: Angel Vega

La Pascualita was first installed in the store window on March 25th, 1930, dressed in a spring-seasonal bridal gown. The effect was instantaneous. People simply could not tear their sight away from this new mannequin, with the wide-set glass eyes, real hair and blushing skin tone.

Soon, they realized that the mannequin closely resembled the shop’s owner at the time, Pascuala Esparza. It didn’t take long for them to come to the conclusion that the dummy was in fact the embalmed body of her daughter, who had died recently on her wedding day after being bitten by a Black Widow spider.

 This revelation did not go very well with the locals, and they started to express their disapproval. But by the time Pascuala could issue an official statement denying the rumors, it was too late. Nobody was willing to believer her. The daughter’s name has been lost over time, and ‘La Pascualita’ stuck through the years.

Of course, the speculated presence of a corpse must naturally be accompanied by supernatural happenings as well. Several odd incidents have been reported around the dummy, none of which have been confirmed, of course. It is said that a love-sick French magician would arrive at night and magically bring it to life, taking her out to town.

A few others believe that her gaze shifts and follows them around the store. At night, she is also believed to shift positions in the window. These tales are pretty scary, perhaps most of all to the shop workers who have to see Pascualita every single day. The ones to leave the shop last are definitely not a happy lot. The dummy’s outfits are changed twice a week behind closed curtains.

Sonia Burciaga, a shop worker says, “Every time I go near Pascualita my hands break out in a sweat. Her hands are very realistic and she even has varicose veins on her legs. I believe she’s a real person.” Now, an account like that coming from a person who has actually changed the mannequin’s clothes seems very believable. Could Pascualita really be a 75-year-old corpse? I’m terribly curious to see it for myself.
But although most Chihuahua locals are convinced La Pacualita is actually a well preserved corpse, the Internet is full of explanations as to why that couldn’t possibly be true. The Museum of Hoaxes, for example, states that “ it would be impossible to embalm someone and have their flesh be preserved that perfectly. For some reason, people tend to think that it’s easier to preserve a body than it actually is”, while one commentator adds “Yeah, bodies really go bad pretty darned fast unless you take some rather heroic measures to keep them from doing so. Both Lenin and Mao have basically been renedered to a state much like rubber, and are kept under extrodinarily monitored conditions. Most of the stuff that undertakers and whatall do is with the aim of making the corpse look good until burial. Anything over a couple weeks, and things start going very, very bad. A taxidermist might manage something, but it ain’t gonna be pretty.” What do you think?
 Versi bahasa Melayu:  LA Pascualita atau Little Pascuala ialah nama manekin berpakaian pengantin di sebuah kedai di bandar Chihuahua, Mexico. La Pascualita telah dipamerkan di kaca depan kedai ini selama 75 tahun dan nampaknya tak ada satupun orang yang berani memindahkan boneka berambut abu-abu ini dari tempatnya.
La Pascualita bukan manekin biasa. La Pascualita ialah urban legend di bandar Chihuahua. Tapi La Pascualita bukan lagi hal yang aneh bagi warga Chihuahua. Seperti ditulis Oddity Central , boneka ini pertama kali dipamerkan pada 25 Mac 1930, dengan mengenakan gaun pengantin yang indah dan menarik setiap pasang mata yang melihatnya.    

 Pada tahun 1930, La Pascualita termasuk boneka manekin dengan kualiti terbaik di bandar itu. Setiap orang yang melewati kedai ini, tidak akan mampu melepaskan pandangannya dari wajah La Pascualita yang cantik, dua bola mata yang besar, serta warna kulitnya yang mempesona.

 Orang-orang yang pernah melihat La Pascualita lama-kelamaan tersedar, ternyata wajah boneka ini sangat mirip dengan Pascuala Esparza, pemilik kedai. Pelbagai isu pun berdatangan. Salah satunya, ada yang menyebutkan bahawa La Pascualita merupakan mumia tubuh jenazah puteri Esparza yang wafat akibat digigit labah-labah beracun.
 Sang gadis meninggal dunia tepat di hari pernikahannya, kemungkinan saat mengenakan gaun pengantin yang kini melekat di tubuh La Pascualita. Esparza berkeras menepis khabar angin ini, namun warga Chihuahua lebih percaya pada khabar angin yang semakin meluas.  Nama La Pascualita juga terlanjur melekat pada sang manekin misteri. Cerita-cerita horor seputar boneka La Pascualita juga masih beredar hingga kini, di antaranya boneka dapat hidup dan berganti kedudukan di malam hari, atau matanya yang akan mengikuti anda kemanapun apabila anda berada di dalam kedai.

"Setiap kali saya berada di dekat Pascualita, tangan saya langsung keluar peluh dingin. Tangan boneka ini sangat nyata, dia bahkan mempunyai garis varises di kakinya. Saya percaya dia manusia sebenar, "ungkap Sonia Burciaga, sang penjaga kedai.

 Ada yang percaya, ada pula yang tidak, salah satunya tapak The Museum of Hoaxes. La Pascualita-menurut laman web ini-hanyalah boneka biasa, kerana mustahil untuk mengawetkan manusia dengan bentuk yang sangat sempurna. Ditambah lagi, kulitnya tetap mulus bak porselen sampai puluhan tahun.

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