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Adakah ini untanya yang di sebut-sebut dalam Al Quran?


Dari Surah 7 Ayat 73-79, Surah 11 Ayat 61-68 melaporkan kisah Nabi Salleh A.S dan kaumnya yang engkar. Untuk mereka dikurniakan seekor unta betina sebagai bukti mukjizat(disebut ayat). Sepatutnya unta itu dibiarkan bebas tetapi kaum Tsamud telah melukakan unta itu..

Petikan dari artikel Giant camel fossil found in Syria

Leg bone from a giant camel (l)
compared with a modern one

Archaeologists have discovered the 100,000-year-old fossilised remains of a previously unknown giant camel species in Syria.
The bones of the dromedary were unearthed by a Swiss-Syrian team of researchers near the village of El Kowm in the central part of the country.
The animal is thought to have been double the size of a modern-day camel.
It may even have been killed by humans, who were living at the once water-rich site during the same period.

Jean-Marie Le Tensorer of the University of Basel commented: "It was not known that the dromedary was present in the Middle East more than 10,000 years ago.
"The camel's shoulders stood three metres high and it was around four metres tall; as big as a giraffe or an elephant. Nobody knew that such a species had existed," he said.

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