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One night several days ago, Wu Guilin suffered an episode of pain, leading him to burn items in his home in a cry for help, with the black ashes still remaining on the floor.

Guangdong’s weather in April is very humid, so Wu Guilin has taken off his shirt, revealing the tattoo on his back: a male eagle with parts of its wings not yet finished.

Noon April 22nd, Wu Guilin, with his bottom half completely naked, appeared at the bottom of a building waiting to be demolished on Lianhua Road in Huidong county, his body so weak that he could no longer walk.

Tied around his wrist is a hospital identification tag.

A police officer leans over to talk to him.

The police officer and medical personnel send him back to his home.

April 24th, the hospital says Wu Guilin can no longer be treated, so he leaves the hospital to return home to wait for death to come, the hospital’s identification bracelet still tied around his wrist.

Cotton wadding can be seen everywhere on the floor throughout Wu Guilin’s home, with not yet dried traces of blood left on them.

Wu Guilin sits on his woven mat, a bowl of leftover rice not far away. During this time as he is at home waiting for death. Often the neighborhood official, neighbors, and “drug friends” bring him food.

Wu Guilin back in his dilapidated home.

April 24 night, Wu Guilin lit candles, smoking the cigarettes that a worker at the local neighborhood sub-district office gave him, in a daze.

April 26, Wu Guilin lit a candle and lies on his mat to begin recording his final moments. He says he wants to use this to warn other people to not make the wrong choices.

May 10, several days after Wu Guilin passed away, the diary he kept as he approached death still remains in the dilapidated home.

May 10 afternoon, Wu Guilin’s remains lie in the #45 freezer of the Huidong county mortuary, his hair in a mess.

Guangdong Huidong Mortuary, after identification by this journalist, the staff change the “Unknown” on the #45 freezer locker to “Wu Guilin”.

p/s  pada anak2 muda yang terlibat dengan masaalah dadah ni,tak takut ke jadi cam mamat nih...
jadikan ini sebagai pengajaran buat semua..


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