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Pertama di Dunia! Muzium-Restoran Lemak Babi di Ukraina


Yang pertama di dunia museum-restoran Salo (lemak babi) dibuka di pusat Lviv, Svobody Avenue. Eksposisi menyajikan berbagai patung yang terbuat dari lemak babi, serta lukisan, foto, dan karya lain dari seniman yang didedikasikan untuk makanan ringan yang terkenal Ukraina.
Among the exhibits you can see a humanoid figure, tallow candles, chess sets, a chair, and many other items. The main exhibit of the museum is a copy of the human heart, made of fat. This heart made of pigs fat was registered in the Ukrainian Book of Records.
An artist-designer Boris Berger has founded this salo museum and restaurant.

Lviv sculptor Miroslav Dedishin was the author of the project concept. In future, the founders of the museum plan to turn it into a multipurpose art center with a variety of exhibitions, readings, screenings and master classes.
Salo, pigs fat, is eaten in a variety of forms – smoked, fried, salted, stewed and so on. Fat is a traditional product, not only in Ukraine but also in other countries – Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia, Belarus and Russia.
So for lunch can taste the famous sculpture of Russian artists, but also to worldfigures, of course, all of the Salo, (pigs fat)


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