'Diana would have been the naughtiest, funniest grandmother'

Sarah, Duchess of York: "Diana loved her boys so much"

Sarah, Duchess of York has said that Princess Diana would have been the "naughtiest, funniest" grandmother had she lived to meet the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's son Prince George.

 Sarah, a close friend of the late princess, spoke fondly about Diana, her sons William andHarry, and Duchess Kate during an appearance on The Meredith Vieira Show this week. 

"She would have just been the naughtiest, funniest and the best ever, just because she loved her boys so much and she would be so proud of all of them and what they've achieved," she said, when asked what kind of a grandmother Diana would have been. 

"They really are extraordinary boys and Catherine is incredible. I just think it is all goodness and we need to hear more about goodness, and Diana would have loved that," she added, to applause. 

Sarah also spoke with great affection about Prince William and Kate. "I believe in love," she said. "I believe in the goodness of love and I think they are a beautiful example of a great family, totally in love, and with that delicious little George, so squishy - you know you want to eat him." 


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